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About Us

Gifts For Difficult Mothers

Welcome to our store! Gifts For Difficult Mothers is an online store devoted to solving one persistent problem, finding great gifts for mothers who might be difficult to buy for!

Our shop is focused on gift research, and the dynamic messages gifts can send.

We help to solve the problems of our customers looking for gifts while addressing a specific gap in our busy and distracted modern consumer marketplace.

Why "Gifts For Difficult Mothers"? We're so glad you asked.

The process of finding the right gifts that send the messages we want is not always easy, whether you have a "Difficult Mother" or not! Finding the right gifts takes time and attention, which has become increasingly difficult as people have become too busy and distracted to search and choose in an online marketplace that offers too many choices to too many audiences. Too often, this means we end up not getting to the right messages and we are looking for ways to make this process easier.

We do not believe Gift Cards or other generic products are the best solutions when it comes to gift giving. Here's why: The Problems We Have With Gift Cards.

How Are We Helping? At Gifts For Difficult Mothers we are helping to solve a number of "difficult" problems:

  • Our primary focus is researching the best quality gift ideas, not for the idealized, unreal or generic images we see of mothers in magazines and the media, but for real everyday women that we know in our lives!
  • Our biggest hope is for people to connect to something they know will have meaning for the people they are buying for. We want to show that finding great gifts for your "Difficult Mother" may be easier than you think! Because we don't know your mother, of course we're not in a position to tell you what's appropriate to give. We leave the interpretation up to you!
  • Every gift in this shop has messages in it and around it. We look for quality gifts which are unique or special in some way, and that send messages that are Beautiful, Inspirational, Healing and Creative. While we generally focus on what appeals to women, we have a special focus on Mothers of all ages. Also, we are committed to finding gifts that are Useful, Cool and Novel while having a little Fun along the way! :) You can also browse our selection in other ways through Categories and Collections.
  • One thing you will not see in our shop are generic gifts, Gift Cards or Gift Card suggestions. Aside from the fact that we realize no mother would like to get a Gift Card from a shop for "Difficult Mothers" :), in a friendly way, we want to offer something unique from the generic messages generated by Gift Cards and other big box shopping experiences of today.
  • What we are here for is to bring some insights and to hopefully help make your creative process of deciding on gifts for your "difficult mom" a little easier.
  • Ultimately we hope this helps to save some wear and tear on our customer's emotions and save more of their time and hard earned money!

As a new venture, we are beginning by researching the world for partnerships and building up our gift collections and catalogue. If you have feedback or suggestions of what you'd like to see in the shop, we'd love to hear from you!

Although we have called this shop "Gifts For Difficult Mothers", to help solve problems of people with mothers who are difficult to buy for, we hopefully don't need to point out this shop is also useful to anyone shopping for gifts for their mothers, sisters, aunts, friends and colleagues! If it's good enough for the "Difficult Mother" it's probably good for anyone! :)

The great thing about "Difficult Mothers" is that by being challenging, each in their own unique ways, they teach us to go further, they raise the bar and challenge us all to go higher and do better! 

At Gifts For Difficult Mothers we have adopted the Umbrella as a symbol or a spirit for what we do.

Umbrellas help to deal with adversity in many situations and are individually portable. Not only do they offer shelter from the rain and sun, they also offer social protection and comfort. They are also beautiful! 





Also, we noticed it happens Umbrellas make wonderful gifts! :)
The Gifts For Difficult Mothers Team