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Why " Gifts For Difficult Mothers"?

Our philosophy is based on a belief that there is always a gift that will put a smile on someone's face. And if a gift is good enough for a "difficult mother," it will be good enough for anyone!

We like to think of ourselves, not in the gift business but the smile business.

While the idea of exactly what is a "difficult mother," is not easy to define, what we do know, if you have a difficult mother, you probably don't need us to define it for you. Here at Gifts For Difficult Mothers we want to move beyond the ideas of the perfect mothers we see in magazines, or the idealized mothers of our cultural "traditions"/institutions, while the daily pressures on our real mothers in society often remain unfair, unrealistic and relentless. 

We want to make the idea of "Difficult Mothers" OK, and celebrate our real mothers. After all, when it's time to celebrate our mother's real gifts and their real sacrifices when it comes to giving gifts, we are not giving them to those images in the magazines!

As a gift shop, we want to promote gift giving, ideally as a pro-active process in our relationships and family lives with all of their complexity and contradictory emotions! And when it comes to family dynamics, we believe gifts also have possibilities to even be a part of a healing process that everyone benefits from.

While we can't say gifts will perform miracles, we know that gifts are symbols that have the potential to bring forth our best qualities and renew our relationships!

We also know that when mothers know that they are being loved, supported and appreciated, our whole world improves exponentially.

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