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Labrador Moon Pebble Bracelet
Labrador Moon Pebble Bracelet
Labrador Moon Pebble Bracelet
Labrador Moon Pebble Bracelet
Labrador Moon Pebble Bracelet
Labrador Moon Pebble Bracelet

Labrador Moon Pebble Bracelet

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This Labrador Moon Bracelet brings the subtle shine of Moonstone and the grey rainbows of Labradorite into any room. Like some people we know, depending on the light, the bracelet will show different effects! 

Medium sized irregular faceted Labradorite beads surround a beautiful large round Moonstone bead, accented by Sterling Silver, Gold plated beads and clasp.

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In Hindu mythology, moonstones are believed to be comprised of solidified moonbeams. Other cultures associated this gem with moonlight as well; the geological structure of the stone scatters light, creating a phenomenon called adularescence, which visually resembles scattered moonlight.

Moonstone is thought to bring its wearer good fortune and feelings of love and affection as well as to help a person glimpse his or her future.


Labradorite is a grey-black to brown stone, somewhat translucent when held up to a light, quite plain in appearance. If we take into consideration that it is how the light enters the stone and how the stone’s individual cracks and “cleavages” reflect the light as it passes through are what give each stone it’s unique appearance, you could say that this stone is very much like ourselves. We are multidimensional, versatile, durable, and the cracks that form while growing cause beautiful flashes of light to be seen by others depending on their perspective. Our mind also works this way, experiences, stresses and strains on our psyche can alter the way in which knowledge or information (light) enters, and as it passes through, bounces from each cleave to alter the way in which it is perceived . 

Labradorite is named after Labrador, Newfoundland. Although many forms of Labradorite are found around the world, the most prized come from Canada and Finland.

Labradorite is a completely unique gemstone for its surprising qualities of rainbow iridescence. When light is scattered or reflected by tiny intergrowths and suffers interference, this sheen is born, which is known as schiller. This gorgeous eye catching effect can be orange, green, yellow, violet, blue, or all of these colors at once. When all of these colors are displayed at once, the phenomenon is known as laboradorescence.

In Labrador Inuit culture Labradorite is believed to be shining rays of the Aurora Borealis where ancestors can be seen. Innu and Inuit peoples have used ground Labradorite as medicines, calling it "fire rock".

There have been many qualities attributed to this beautiful stone such as good luck, lucid dreaming, clear insight, enhanced psychic abilities, good for the bones and brain, intuition, dispelling negative energies, depression and anxiety.

Bracelets Type: Chain & Link Bracelets
Metals Type: Silver
Clasp Type: Spring-ring-clasps
Material: Semi-precious Stone